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Are you looking to buy enticing, and lovely jewellery, jade and precious gemstones?

If so, House Of Phua — the top-rated retail seller is at your services. A perfect creation by Mr. & Mrs. Phua, House Of Phua is an effort to serve the community with the ultimate quality jewellery made from precious metals, and stones. All the jewellery that is offered at House Of Phua is handcrafted made to be presented as collectibles, and gifts. Started back in 1990, House Of Phua has worked hard to achieve the level of success where it is today. They have been operating in Park’s Complex since 2011 and helping the people find the best piece of jewellery at the best rate.


Our History


House Of Phua is not an overnight dream, but years of hard work of Mr. & Mrs. Phua, who dreamt of success and spent tireless nights to make the dream comes true. Mrs. Phua started working in the jewellery industry when she was only 21 years old, with a dream in eyes to have her own jewellery business. Her passion and love for jewellery is natural, and being as a woman, she wanted to help other beautiful women to look decent, elegant, and out-class by wearing classic jewellery. So she decided to start her jewellery business in 1990.  It has now been more than 20 years, and people still love to have jewellery from Mr. & Mrs. Phua. She has not been selling the fine-looking jewellery pieces, but memories that last forever.


What’s The Reason behind House of Phua Success?


The name ‘House Of Phua’ is named just after her husband’s name (Light), with a concept of a house. The struggle is real; she has been working hard for the past 30 years to not mention how she bring House Of Phua to the level it deserves, but bringing highly authentic, and top-quality jewellery for her valued customers. Her passion for jewellery and honesty toward business is what makes her the best person to have beautiful jewellery. Her clientele is not limited to one generation, but generation after generation, after all, she has been making strong bonds with the customers. She loves to sell Jade because she knows that the energy, the power, and what are the benefits of it that can bring for her customers. So wherever House of Phua is today is because of her efforts, determination, and love for the finest jewellery.


Our Mission

House Of Phua is not another addition in the already available online jewellery stores, but it’s a love for jewellery, it’s a trust of customers, and the hope to always have the best. We aim to continue our cause of serving customers with the premium quality jewellery pieces whose essence can be felt and beauty can attract generation after generation.


Our Vision

We want to outshine our competitors in terms of quality, availability, knowledge, and experience. With selling jewellery, we also aim to educate our customers about the culture and beauty of Jade.


What’s Upcoming?

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Mrs. Phua loves jewellery and precious stones. She wants to share her knowledge about Jade, and that is why she has created HOPe to let more people especially young people to know more about the benefits of Jade and other precious gemstones. She believes that by digitalizing her business will help the young generation learn more about jade and other precious gemstones. 


Growing Up In House of Phua   


The Legacy of House of Phua


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