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Since 1990, House of Phua has been serving customers with timeless and quality gold, jade, diamond and precious gem jewellery. We also specialise in bespoke designs, trade-in of gold and repair.

Our vision is to create timeless jewellery and inspire one to be the gem they hope to be.

Our mission is to provide 5Cs:

Confidence, Certification, Cost-effectiveness, Customer Service, Commitment


Our History



House Of Phua is not an overnight dream, but years of hard work of Mr & Mrs Phua, who dreamt of success and spent tireless nights to make the dream come true.

Mrs Phua started working in the jewellery industry when she was 21 years old, with a dream to have her own jewellery business one day.

Her passion and love for jewellery is natural, and being a woman, she wanted to help other women look elegant and classy by wearing classic and timeless jewellery.

With the family support, she decided to start her jewellery business in 1990.  It has now been more than 30 years, and her loyal customers are very supportive and have been referring family and friends to support the business.


What keeps Mr & Mrs Phua going in this business for more than three decades?



The Chinese name of ‘House Of Phua’ is named after Mr Phua's Chinese Name (亮 Light), with a concept of a house (轩). Mr and Mrs Phua have been working conscientiously for the past 30 years to sustain House Of Phua jewellery business by bringing highly authentic and top-quality creation for  their valued customers.

Mrs Phua's passion for jewellery and integrity towards her business is what makes her the ideal person to get your prized jewellery. Her clientele is not limited to one generation and she has been serving customers who are the third generation.

She loves to share the beauty, energy and benefits of wearing Jade and other gemstones with her customers and the bond with her customers is long-lasting. Many customers became her best of friends and visiting the shop is likened to visiting an old friend for social reason.



HOPE by House of Phua

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Mrs Phua is passionate to share her love for jewellery, jade and precious stones. HOPe is the digital spin-off created to let more people especially the younger generation know more about the benefits of Jade and other precious gemstones. She believes that by digitalizing her business, it will help the young generation learn more about jade and other precious gemstones. Eve Phua is the second generation jeweller who specializes in exclusive bespoke designs, education of gemstones and organization of events.


Eve Phua recalled Growing Up In House of Phua   


The Legacy of House of Phua (HOPE GEM)


 Gratitude from House of Phua