Jade jewellery is a precious item that has been around for several years now. At House Of Phua, we understand how it is overwhelming to choose the best jade jewellery piece that gives a good reflection of your style. As a result, we have a wide range of this collection, hence making it easy for you to choose the best piece as per your needs.  

Our various jade collections are the right choice if you want to show off how you love jade. Our pieces are in such a way that they genuinely show the unique material they are made from. Our collections of various designs, which are also timeless, are the best pieces of jewellery you can wear everywhere. 

We have jade pieces of various designs that are also simple and suitable to suit your day-to-day routine such as stud earrings. The good thing with our jade jewellery pieces is that their simplicity will keep emitting hopeful moments into your life.  


Jade Pendant

0004 ($1,880)

0016 ($25,200)

0018 ($2,440)

0020 ($6,400)

0023 ($2,592)

0015 (Sold Out)

0017 ($2,800)

0019 ($6,000)

0021 ($2,300)

0024 ($5,680)

Jade Ring

0005 ($4,800)

0007 ($1,260)

0009 ($14,000)

0011 ($19,200)

0006 ($2,150)

0008 (Sold Out)

0010 ($720)

0012 (Sold Out)

Jade Bangle

0013 (Sold Out)

0013 (Sold Out)

0013 (Sold Out)

0014 (Sold Out)