What is the meaning of House Of Phua? 亮轩珠宝行的来源?


The name ‘House Of Phua’ is named just after her husband’s name (Light), with a concept of a house. The struggle is real; she has been working hard for the past 30 years to not mention how she bring House Of Phua to the level it deserves, but bringing highly authentic, and top-quality jewellery for her valued customers.

Her passion for jewellery and honesty toward business is what makes her the best person to have beautiful jewellery. Her clientele is not limited to one generation, but generation after generation, after all, she has been making strong bonds with the customers. She loves to sell Jade because she knows that the energy, the power, and what are the benefits of it that can bring for her customers. So wherever House of Phua is today is because of her efforts, determination, and love for the finest jewellery.