What makes House Of Phua unique? 亮轩珠宝行的特别之处是?

Our Mission

House Of Phua is not another addition in the already available online jewellery stores, but it’s a love for jewellery, it’s a trust of customers, and the hope to always have the best. We aim to continue our cause of serving customers with the premium quality jewellery pieces whose essence can be felt and beauty can attract generation after generation.


Our Mission

We want to outshine our competitors in terms of quality, availability, knowledge, and experience. With selling jewellery, we also aim to educate our customers about the culture and beauty of Jade.


About H.O.P.e

 Mrs. Phua loves jewellery and precious stones. She wants to share her knowledge about Jade, and that is why she has created HOPe to let more people especially young people to know more about the benefits of Jade and other precious gemstones. She believes that by digitalizing her business will help the young generation learn more about jade and other precious gemstones.